In the event that you buy a pup that isn’t availble now, you can’t get your little dog, until the posted accessibility date that is on your doggy’s posting. The accessibility date is on your request affirmation receipt too.

USDA Regulations require the doggy to be two months old before isolated from their mom.


Here’s the delivery choices, and what sort of flight demands we acknowledge with every alternative.

If it’s not too much trouble, contact our Customer Care group on the off chance that you might want to redesign

your delivery choice and make an exceptional solicitation.


Puppy receives first available day and flight we can find after all Priority & VIP pups have been booked. you cannot choose the day of your puppy’s flight. If you want some flexibility on the arrival day, please choose Priority. If you have already placed your order, you can upgrade to Priority. Call our Customer Care line to upgrade.


Puppy receives first available flight and takes priority over basic shipping. Customer is able to change the day of flight to one of our other flight days to accomodate schedule. This does not mean we will hold the dog for an extra length of time, it simply means we will accommodate to your schedule as well as possible and you will have more options.


Your puppy will have a personal concierge through the entire process. Customer will have a direct contact with their puppy concierge. Your puppy can fly on any day, and we will attempt to accommodate customers timing requests as best as possible. We will attempt to fly the puppy on a direct flight if available.