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Set up in 1999, Bichon Maltese Puppies is one of the country’s absolute first little dog shops to practice rigorously in teacup and toy breed young doggies available to be purchased! Today, our 6,000 sq ft extravagance pup store offers a plenty of extraordinary pup adornments and a full help prepping salon notwithstanding the absolute most lovely little dogs you’ve at any point laid eyes upon.

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Since I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with my better half, we began searching for a canine little enough to live in the house with us, yet we likewise didn’t have any desire to manage a great deal of shedding. My better half suggested maltipoos as a result of their superb nature. As would be natural for him, “They’re not as spazzy and yappy as Chihuahuas or comparative little canines.”

My better half amazed me one day by bringing Ava home and I in a split second became hopelessly enamored. She was extremely smart and was consistently anxious to learn new deceives, which to her means more treats!

Inside a couple of brief weeks, she anxiously figured out how to sit, set down, pivot, ask, bounce, and go sleep. Having a blend of poodle, which is the second most brilliant variety, truly makes a difference.

It is loads of fun showing our canines new deceives! This article by yourdogadvisor.com has a couple of splendid stunts that you can show your canine. They additionally disclose how to instruct them.

We have additionally added another option to our home, Molly, to give Ava somebody to play with when our bustling lives dominate and they love one another. They do everything together including sharing their bite toys.

I totally love our Maltipoos and partake in the valuable minutes when they have little dogs and the time I will go through with their young doggies as they inquisitively investigate this new world they’re naturally introduced to.

We are a family co-employable and we endeavor to raise unquestionably the best Maltipoos with loads of adoration and consideration. I have severe rearing and care norms for the entirety of the Maltipoos in our program. Our family Co-usable incorporates Rosader (Maggie), Gideon (Willow), Miles (Yvette) and Joseph (Mitsy).

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Regularly imitated, never copied!”

We’re not your normal pup store! Here at TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique, the security and prosperity of our pups is absolutely critical, and our objective is to give them the most awesome consideration conceivable! Our little dogs stay in bed perfect and comfortable condominiums with warm covers and warming cushions. We never use confines with agonizing metal wire flooring, as this can be particularly perilous for teacup estimated young doggies. We additionally utilize a full staff committed to keeping our little dogs perfect and solid. Our in-house veterinary professional performs customary fecal assessments and guarantees that every single little dog is cheerful, eating appropriately, and state-of-the-art on immunizations. Moreover, an authorized veterinarian visits our shop each Friday evening to perform wellbeing assessments of our young doggies. At the point when you buy a pup from TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique, you can have confidence that you are getting back a sound, cheerful, and spoiled doggy.

For twenty years, Eleonora Bonfini, originator of TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique, has been raising and really focusing on the smallest, most fragile teacup and miniature teacup young doggies. As a resigned teacup pup reproducer and vet specialist herself, Eleonora’s broad experience makes her an incredible master in the teacup doggy industry. With the acquisition of a doggy, Eleonora passes her insight down to you during a brief direction on the best way to appropriately focus on your new little dog. During this direction, she shows you all you require to know. From taking care of and washing to inoculating your new doggy, the entirety of your inquiries will be replied.